Shuttleworth Foundation grant

Dear Free Software community:

I got great news ... I won a Shuttleworth Foundation grant !

I was notified at the airport on my way back from the Medical Informatics Europe 2015 (MIE 2015). This was at 5:00 in the morning, so a great way to start the day :)

During the flight from Madrid to Las Palmas, I thought on where would be the best project to put the grant resources. After some thought, I came to the decision of using them on the research and integration of  Free Hardware in GNU Health .

Initially, I will work on integrating Arduino with e-Health sensors into GNU Health. The functionality should allow recording real-time clinical information, such as Oxygen saturation (pulse oximetry) and heart frequency. I will also work on the ECG sensor.

I want to express my gratitude to the Shuttleworth foundation and their Fellows who have chosen me. In a world full of greed and lobbyists, it's great to see that there are people and organizations that do care for social projects ! It is a immense honor for me to receive the grant, and I make it extensive for the GNU Health and Free Software community.

I will keep you posted, and let keep fighting for Freedom and Equity in Healthcare !


Ivan Garcia ha dicho que…
Super congratulations Luis, you are a great inspiration to many free software programmers like us. I am living in Indonesia, learning the language and probably next year try to contact some clinic or hospital to implement GNU Health, if you have any contacts over here it will be more appreciated to know. Thank you so much.

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