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GNU Health presentation at World Health Organization - WHO

Dear friends

I'm very proud to announce that our GNU Health presentation at WHO Second Global Forum on Medical Devices in Geneva, Switzerland, has been published at the World Health Organization site . Thank you United Nations for inviting me, it has been a fantastic experience and opportunity !
I shared with the audience the importance of Free (Freedom) Software in the Health Care sector, stressing that Health must be a public good and it can not belong to private corporations.
GNU Health is now being installed in many countries around the World, it has over 80 translation teams, and a great community that contributes that keeps growing every day.

Special thanks to the government of Jamaica, and to its Ministry of Health, who has adopted GNU Health as their eHealth system for the whole country. This is amazing ! Just some years ago, we, health care professionals and social activists, just dreamed about one day being able to provide equality in health care. Today is becoming a rea…