Richard Stallman at IWEEE 2013 . Webm format

Just wanted to share Richard Stallman's interview at the GNU Solidario's International Workshop on e-Health in Emerging Economies - IWEEE 2013 -. (in Spanish)

As Richard and the Free Software community request, the following video is in encoded in WebM format.

The video in webm format can also be downloaded here  :

IWEEE is the annual GNU Solidario workshop that focuses in Free Software solutions for the health care sector, especially for developing countries

This year we had speakers from :

  • UNESCO chair of Telemedicine
  • The Free Software Foundation
  • Doctors without Borders
  • ZoHE
  • Thymbra
  • El Salvador Health Ministry
  • Caritas
  • GNU Solidario
  • Red Cros
  • MedFloss
  • University of Georgia
  • EpSOS -. The European eHealth Project
  • Ingenia
  • BikaLabs
  • BrainOS

IWEEE keeps getting bigger and better ! Thanks to all of you who contributed to this great workshop and we're looking forward to seeing you at IWEEE 2014 !


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