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GNU Health at Care for the World - MedInfo 2013

I'm delighted to participate in Medinfo 2013 and talk about GNU Health in two different sessions: Care for the World Symposium: Collaboration, Openness, Transparency and Trust as Prerequisite for High Quality, Effective and Efficient Health Care.Moving Beyond eHealth Systems for ‘People Like Us’ 

Care for the World SymposiumCare for the World is a symposium organized by Thomas Karopka (BioCon Valley GmbH, Germany), that I have the privilege to represent GNU Solidario, joining my colleagues Syed Aljunid and Nurhizam Safie (United Nations University, International Institute for Global Health, Malaysia );  Holger Schmuhl (Institute for Biological and Medical Imaging, Helmholtz Center Munich, Germany) and Kjeld Lisby (Ideas Clinic, Aalborg University Hospital, Denmark
I will talk about GNU Health, the Free Health and Hospital Information System, and discuss the benefits that Free Software provides to Public Health. I will put focus in Primary Health Care; The MDG6 and Neglected …

Reflections from GNU Health at WHO - ITU session WSIS 2013

This month of May I had the immense privilege to be a guest speaker in the World Health Organization (WHO) and International Communication Union (ITU) session "ICT for Improving Information and Accountability for Women’s and Children’s Health" at the World Summit on the Information Society - WSIS 2013 Forum.

The title of my presentation was "GNU Health : Improving Children and Mothers Lives with Free Software".  The presentation was on May 14th, and it was transmitted live over the Internet.

I keep thinking about the tremendous levels of maternal and child death, most of them from preventable diseases. This thoughts are the main drive to develop GNU Health, a tool to improve the health of millions of people in developing countries with Free Software. 

GNU Health has at its heart Primary Care and the Alma Ata Declaration. We only change a letter from that declaration. To the original "Health for all", we added the "e" to become "eHealth fo…

Richard Stallman at IWEEE 2013 . Webm format

Just wanted to share Richard Stallman's interview at the GNU Solidario's International Workshop on e-Health in Emerging Economies - IWEEE 2013 -. (in Spanish)
As Richard and the Free Software community request, the following video is in encoded in WebM format.

The video in webm format can also be downloaded here  : http://www.iweee.org/presentations/2013-las_palmas/IWEEE_2013_stallman.webm
IWEEE is the annual GNU Solidario workshop that focuses in Free Software solutions for the health care sector, especially for developing countries
This year we had speakers from :

UNESCO chair of TelemedicineThe Free Software FoundationDoctors without BordersZoHEThymbra El Salvador Health MinistryCaritas GNU SolidarioRed CrosMedFlossUniversity of GeorgiaEpSOS -. The European eHealth ProjectIngenia BikaLabsBrainOS
IWEEE keeps getting bigger and better ! Thanks to all of you who contributed to this great workshop and we're looking forward to seeing you at IWEEE 2014 !

GNU Health 1.8 is out, with Android support

It's been a couple of weeks since the release ofGNU Health series 1.8, and we're thrilled on the evolution of the system, and its adoption by the community.
This latest series is compatible with Tryton 2.6.x and has many improvements, in the core and reporting modules, among others. As usual, the migration from previous versions are included.
The other good news is that, being compatible with Tryton 2.6 allows the connection from mobile devices with the Android Operating System .  Thanks to the great Tryton development framework, and to the fantastic job done by SCIL  and Bio Eco Forests, who sponsored and paid for the project,  in the development of the Android client for Tryton, GNU Health servers can now be accessed directly from your mobile device.

You can find the Android client on Google Play . For the development process, check the SCIL page .
There are more good news on the way. The web client is also around the corner, and we will have 3 different ways to connect to…