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GNU Health 1.4.1 released !

I'm happy to announce the release of GNU Health 1.4.1, in which we have incorporated support for PyPI, the Python Package Index

This version is compatible with the latest tryton release (2.2.0). Now GNU Health is also a set of python modules, fully integrated to the Python community.

Thanks to the magic of pip, and the help of the Tryton community ( Cedric Krier, et al ), installing the latest GNU Health version is as easy as running

pip install --user trytond_health_profile

This will install the requirements ( the tryton server and all the standard GNU Health modules ) automatically and in your "$HOME/.local" directory. I will be updating the installation process at the wiki today.
The main site is the GNU Savannah where all the development and discussion takes place.

There are many improvements, bug fixes and news features, some of them :

CalDav compatibility (it allows complex calendar views and settings for appointments and hospitalizations)Support for JSON RPC protoc…

Developing countries NOT in the OpenERP agenda

This is a segment of the letter from Doctor Christoph Larsen, in April 2011, who was working in Rwanda and asked OpenERP for the upgrade scripts and OpenERP refused to give them to him. Dr. Larsen gave me his permission to publish it, so the community knows his point of view.

When Dr.Larsen sent me the mail, I started the migration to GNU Health in the Tryton environment. And no, this is no FUD, this is the reality of was has become of OpenERP.

[..] Please do realise that our group speaks an entirely different language: We do not target the profit-making market, and regarding the combination of OpenERP's Medical module, the underlying OpenERP backbone for health facility management and Bika Health, we are actually talking LDCs = read: Least Developed Countries. There is no money for any such partnerships, warranties and the like. People out there are haoy to learn from each other, and you will be surprised how keen they ARE to learn. BUT: A few thousand Euros for warranties (imagin…