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Richard Stallman declares GNU Health an official package

"It is a great day for Free Software. It is a great day for Public Health".
That was my response to Richard's announcement about making GNU Health an official GNU package.

Being an official GNU package means that it's Free Software, in the widest sense of the term. Means that is not only freely available, but it provides freedom to the user, and it has no digital locks.

In Healthcare, this concept is even more important. Health and Hospital Information Systems must be a public good, that don't depend on the will of a corporation. They must be free of any type of lock-ins. So, the user that has the software will be able to use it, adapt it, and upgrade it when needed.

That's why we chose Tryton  as the GNU Health framework environment.A community-based project free of speculators.

I want to thank Richard Stallman and the GNU project, especially Karl Berry,  for including GNU Health, and helping us out in the registration process.

Finally, we are changing the o…

GNU Health release 1.3.0 with support for Tryton

After several months of  work, I just finished uploading the latest development GNU Health release, 1.3.0 !

This version has many improvements, and, the most important part is that is Tryton compatible. This is indeed very good news for the Free Software community. Now everyone can use GNU Health, knowing that there is a free ( freedom) option in all the related software around it ( ERP, Database and Operating System).

This development release is ideal to check the latest features, and get and sneak preview of what is coming in December, when the next stable release (2.0) comes out.

Some of the new features in this release are :

Full Tryton supportNew configuration script to automate the installationNew Pediatrics module, including neonatologyImproved security (user login information is encrypted thanks to Tryton)New reporting system, creating reports directly from Libre OfficeImproved ergonomics and navigationAutomatic calculation for Smilkstein Family APGARAutomatic calculation for P…