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Thymbra Academy OpenERP: May 16-20, 2011

Thymbra Academy: May 16-20: What a Great Week.
Sorry I couldn't be there, but I was on the MEDICAL European Tour ! Again this Thymbra OpenERP Academy was a total success. I hope to see you next time.
Here are some pics :

 Next Academy: June 13-17, 2011
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Indignados demonstration in Spain. Analogies in Free Software community

Yesterday I returned to Buenos Aires from my European tour. It was a very productive week in Geneva and Barcelona, talking about MEDICAL with colleagues, partners, and organizations interested in implementing and joining the MEDICAL project. We also talked about the next version of MEDICAL, Tryton and OpenERP.

Nice dinner with the NaN tic guys. We talked about the OpenERP community, and the need of having a governance in Free Software projects without censorship  or being partial. We all see today how speculators are getting into the "open source" and the techniques they are using to lock-in users.

As I said in an interview last year in OpenERP ( http://www.openerp.com/node/549 ), at the end of the day, is your actions what counts, not the tools that you use. By the way, I hope this interview remains there and won't be censored, as my latest emails ;)

Finally, I had the chance to go and support the "Indignados" demonstration in Plaza Cataluña, against politici…

MEDICAL welcomes Tryton !

I have great news for the Free Software advocates.

We have started working in extending MEDICAL to support the Tryton ERP. Tryton is a great ERP with a solid free software philosophy, not only for releasing the source code, but by having NO LOCK-IN policies. So this is what we will achieve

Freedom of choice : Now the user will have complete freedom in Operating System, Database or ERP . The user will be able to choose from OpenERP or Tryton.

- Guarantee Upgrades : MEDICAL must rely on an architecture that allows the user to upgrade their infrastructure. The users and health centers should have the upgrade tools and documentation to update the operating system, database and ERP at no cost if they choose to do. Today we see that concept in GNU/Linux, Postgresql and Tryton. This schema guarantees that the end user has the best and most updated MEDICAL version, as well as the underlining components.

In this sense, we, as a community, will always be vigilant to any lock-in strategy in t…

Pediatric Symptoms Checklist - PSC - in MEDICAL

MEDICAL, the Free Health and Hospital Information System has incorporated the PSC to its latest development branch.
The Pediatric Symptoms Checklist - PSC - has been developed by Dr. Michael Jellinek and Dr. Michael Murphy  from the Massachusetts General Hospital.

The authors define the PSC as"a brief screening questionnaire that is used by pediatricians and other health professionals to improve the recognition and treatment of psychosocial problems in children" 

MEDICAL uses the standard PSC form - to be completed by the parents - and will include the Y-PSC.

MEDICAL automatically calculates the total PSC score, based upon form values. It also highlights the evaluations that might indicate a child psychosocial impairment.

The PSC cutoff values will be localized to the different countries (Japan, Germany, Holland ...), so it will fit their recommended cutoffs.

I want to thank Drs. Michael Jellinek and Michael Murphy for developing PCS, as well as Sandra Bishop, PhD and María…