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GNU Solidario, Medical and Debian GNU/Linux

Before the end of the year we will witness three major milestones : 
Medical 1.0OpenERP 6.0Debian GNU/Linux 6.0In this blog I write about the importance of Debian in our organization, GNU Solidario.

We, GNU Solidario, have been using Debian GNU/Linux for many years, not only in our installations, but in our implementations, as well as mirroring the repositories for Argentina.

This entry is a tribute to the Debian community, which has been always at the heart of Free Software, and today is the source for many linux distributions (including Ubuntu).
Here are some pictures when we installed some years ago Debian GNU/Linux in two rural schools in Santiago del Estero.

Thanks to Debian for all these years of contribution to the community, as a truly Free Operating System.
If you are about to get into GNU/Linux, try Debian, it's very stable; has a great community and it's truly free ! Visit http://www.debian.org

About Medical

Medical is a free (GPL license), centralized Health and Hos…

Enhanced functionality on drug abuse in Medical

I'm happy to announce the enhanced functionality for drug addictions surveillance and control under Medical.

The main points are :
NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse) categorization, descriptions and effects of most important recreational drugsAdministration routes Commercial and street names Dr. Henningfield's drug rating / score on :WithdrawalReinforcementToleranceDependenceIntoxication
Additional fields to rank the toxicity and addiction levels of the drugSpecial indicator for Intravenous (IV) users
In addition, new lifestyle All these extra indicators and functionality will help the health professional to better In addition, I have enhanced the tobacco and alcohol sections, with extra input fields.

The information will help the health professional and social workers to improve the prevention and treatment of the patient, as well as to have better epidemiological information on the prevalence and incidence of different addictions.

About Medical

Medical is a free (GPL lice…

El centro de salud Doctor Oñativia en Argentina instala Medical

Sistema Medical - Centro Regional de Referencia Doctor Oñativia (Corrales)
A continuación les copio un correo de Mario Puntin sobre la instalación de Medical que se realizó en el centro de Salud regional. Enhorabuena !

El proyecto involucra: Un sistema informático desarrollado a medida del proceso,El desarrollo de la cultura informática del personal del centro de salud,La creación de la red de computadoras necesarias e instalación del servidor del sistema
Para el primer item se procedió a contratar a un proveedor de desarrollo informático, que propuso el software de gestión en salud MEDICAL. Este sistema en su conjunto está basado en software libre. por lo que se provee al Centro un sistema libre de patentes o licencias.
La solución creada para el centro permite, entre otras tareas, generar y manipular la información sobre:
Base de datos de pacientes adultos y pediátricos (Plan Nacer, del Ministerio de Salud de la Nación) Turnos médicos ambulatorios y otros servicios de profesionales de…

Release of Medical 0.1.3 and OpenERP v6 integration

I'm happy to announce the release of Medical 0.1.3, with includes bug fixes and improvements in Patient Hospitalization Management, Laboratory Administration and PoS / Billing, among others.

It all looks like that Medical v1 and OpenERP v6 will come out very closely in dates.

For the last weeks, I've been working on adapting Medical to the upcoming version of OpenERP v6. I have work on the code, the views and the documentation, so I can say now that most of the code is v6 compatible ( including wizards).

Medical 0.1.3 has been released today. From this point on, all the active development (trunk) will be done in OpenERP / OpenObject v6.

The current trunk has been moved to branch openerp5. This will be based in medical 0.1.3 and it's a maintenance version, so bugfixes will be applied to it.

I invite all of you who are actively developing Medical to download the latest OpenERP repository and install Medical on it.  Please document the new functionality on the Wiki (htt…