Mostrando entradas de septiembre, 2010

Medical 0.1.2 - Hospitalization (inpatient) management

In this version of Medical  we have added important hospital functionality like the inpatient admission administration.

The module "medical_inpatient" concentrates the main functionality to :

- Make bed reservations
- Check  availability
- Graphically manage the hospital or health cernet beds in wards and or rooms.

Medical allows to manage bed assignments for different types of admissions (routine, periodic, maternity, emergencies, ..), for the specific hospital department.

In this view, it's easy to look for patient's locations and status in the hospital. The colors visually differentiate the type of admissions.

We have also improve other sections, like vaccinations. Thanks to Andrew Gledhill (NHS) who proposed the addition of the vaccine lot and expiration date. Actually, the vaccine is integrated to the product, so all the production lot, traceability, and procurement is automated. Special controls for vaccine expiration dates have been put in place now.


LinuxCon 2010 Brazil and Medical

Just got back from LinuxCon 2010 Brazil, (thank you Linux Foundation for inviting me ! ) where I was the speaker for Medical : Benefits of Implementing a Free Hospital and Health Information System.

The event was great, I got the chance to see again my Brazilian friends, like Corinto Meffe, who is doing a great job on the public software portal. Corinto was the one who included Medical in the community of the Software Publico Brasileiro.

I also talked to Linus Torvalds about the GNU Solidario organization, and the countries we are currently working.

I am quite happy with the fact of having LinuxCon in LatinAmerica. This was the first year of the conference in South America and I'm looking forward to see more people and companies of LatinAmerica and Spain next year.

You can find the paper and more pics of the event at the GNU Solidario Site or in the new GNU Solidario social network of at Amazee (http://www.amazee.com/gnusolidario). While you are there, just join the team !