Release of Medical 0.0.50

In this version we keep on improving navigation, demo data and reporting.

Since 0.0.50 the patient's diseases (including allergies) will be always visible. A new color schema will differentiate and highlight severe and infectious diseases. The diseases are also ordered by different parameters ( active,  disease status, severity, diagnosis date, pregnancy warnings, ... ).

This design optimizes navigation and the focus on the different aspects of the patient, without missing critical information about the patient.

Medical is a free Health and Hospital Information System, with the goal to provide a universal high quality e-Health environment, specially for countries and provinces with low resources.

As usual, you can download and test Medical at sourceforge :

Please download it and report any bugs and suggestions !

Medical is part of the GNU Solidario project ( ) . GNU Solidario is a NGO that delivers education and health solutions with free software.


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