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Getting ready for Medical 0.0.48

Medical 0.0.48 will represent a major milestone in the development of the HIS. This new distribution greatly improves the development, localization and scalability of the system. Specific teams can work independently in their disciplines, without affecting the rest. Smaller centers won’t necessarily have to install all the modules, just the ones they need.

We plan to release the 0.0.48 on this Sunday 25th, with most of the translations in place. Developers can get it from the SVN repository.

I have updated the SVN repository, with the new medical schema. The “monolithic” main module has been divided now into the following. There are many that we are working on ( like epidemiology and reporting ) that will be included also shortly.

medical : Core module. It contains the main objects, such as patient, disease, physicians, evaluations, ethnic groups, hospitals and their infrastructure, admissions, families, operational areas and sectors,  medicaments and medications, administr…

New Modular Design for Medical

New Modular Design for MedicalDear MEDICAL team

Since next development version (0.0.48), Medical will be more modular.
The new design will have the following advantages :
Dedicate teams to specific functionality ( localization, medical specialties, socioeconomics, epidemiology …. )Development process speedupEasier and faster installationAbility to install only the required functionality

Please make sure you test it and send us feedback.

Thanks again to all of you who are making Medical the Universal Free Hospital Information System !
Luis Falcón