Medical : Getting ready for OpenERP 5.0

Hi there !

We just released the development version 0.0.22 of Medical, the health module for OpenERP.

This version is coded with 5.0 in mind (It won't work in 4.x ). You can check it with the latest 5.0 snapshot or with the alpha version.

This version includes new functionality, taking into consideration aspects of family medicine, and Primary Care, such as :

- Patient SES (Socioeconomic Status) information
- Ethnic groups
- Patient occupation

The data model has been revised and optimized, specially the all the relations involving the patient medical encounters / evaluations.

New fields have been added in the patient medical examination.

You can check the Changelog in the medical homepage :

If you want to collaborate in the project (testing, translation, documentation), please send us a line at :

Luis Falcón


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